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Make your iPhone battery last longer

Posted on October 12, 2012 by Richard

Lots of complaints from people saying their battery doesn’t last well on iOS, here are 4 tips that should help it last more than a day.

1. Be selective about your push notifications

They run in the background all the time, and seem to be added by some apps despite you saying no.

Here’s how:

Turn notifications off in Settings > Notifications – press Edit (top right) then drag apps you don’t want to hear from to the ‘not in notification center’ section.

2. Turn down your screen brightness

This is big battery saver, for obvious reasons.

Here’s how:

Settings > Brightness & Wallpaper – adjust the slider to a level where it’s as low as you can handle.

3. Turn off location services

Here’s how:

Turning off location services in apps that don’t require it.  Lots of apps use location services and I can only assume it’s for some sort of marketing information (I’m looking at you facebook).

Here’s how:

To turn off location services, Settings > Privacy > Location Services – change any apps to off if you wish to disable them.

4. Turn off your push data

If you’re relaxed about your mail, then you don’t need to read every e-mail  the very moment it’s sent, you can turn off push.  For me this has been a great battery life saver.  You can set your phone to ‘Fetch’ email periodically, the less frequently it checks for mail then the less battery your phone will use.  You will always have the option to manually go to your mail and pull down to refresh.

Here’s how:

Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data – slide push to Off,

If you really want a phone with an epic battery, you can always change to a Nokia 3310 which, along with cockroaches, will survive the nuclear apocalypse, become self aware and one day rule the planet.

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