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Google tips for more effective searches

Posted on February 28, 2012 by Richard

Google is capable of lots more than standard searches.  You can use operators to great effect which will give you more accurate results and help you in your mission to syphon through the dirge.

Here are some of the most useful:

Search a specific website hello

Adding site: followed by a website (without the www. or http://) will give you search results from that particular site.

Using a minus sign to exclude results


Using a – (hypen, minus sign, dash) will exclude a particular key word from the google result.

Quote marks to search for an exact phrase

For example, “the quick brown fox”.  This is apparently a handy one for cheating in pub quizzes…someone told me.

Other Tips

There are lots of handy google uses.  For example, google can do maths 5*7/34 (5 x 7 divided by 34).  Or unit conversion, by typing 100 kilograms in pounds you’ll discover the answer is 220.462262.

You can search for specific file types by typing filetype:pdf (returns PDF documents only) or filetype:doc blackdog tab will return word documents with blackdog tab from the Led Zeppelin song (no relation to the name of my company).

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