Using facebook lists to control what you see

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Quick tip – if you’re not already aware, Facebook uses an algorithm to  decide what it thinks you want to see.  So if you haven’t interacted with your great Uncle Quebert in some time, it will probably auto-decide that you no longer like him, and choose to filter anything he does from your timeline.


This takes about 10 mins to set up, so it depends on how much you actually care as to whether or not you want to do it.  What you need to do is create a list. On the website version create a new custom list:

  1. From your home page, scroll down to the Friends section and click More
  2. Click Create List
  3. Write in the list’s name
  4. Enter the names of friends you want to add to this list in the Members section
  5. Click Create

Once the list is created, add everyone to it that you want to see (I have one called ‘everyone’).

Then go back to the left bar and hover over the list, you’ll see a little pencil icon appear. Click it and choose ‘add to favourites’ which causes it to appear with the news feed shortcuts at the top left.

Final step, click the list itself then at the top right click manage list then choose what you want to see (I chose status updates & photos).

One caveat is that Facebook are likely to change everything at some point so this process may get a sudden irrevocable makeover.

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